Atia was established in 1997 as a 180 m 2 manufacturing workshop by Haluk İDER. After expanding its workplace to 600 m 2 in 2009, Atia took a further step in 2014 and acquired its 2500 m 2 office with wood workshop, polishing workshop, project office and CNC processing center.

Atia offers spaces used properly and prioritize life quality and comfort of everyone who desire to be in distinctive ergonomic living spaces with a character of its own. Prominent with its application quality and innovative and different solutions to each and every detail, Atia Wood also offers interior design, project, application, and consultancy services thanks to its interior designers and technical staff.

When Atia redefines living spaces, it pays attention that the materials it uses are compatible with international standards, are recyclable and eco-friendly. By continuing this sensitivity awareness with the seedlings the company has planted as an investment in both nature and the future, Atia also fulfils its social responsibilities.

The brand Atia with 36 years of experience and knowledge behind it, starting from apprenticeship, has reached its high level of quality today. In almost 40 years, Atia has thoroughly undertaken the responsibilities required by bilateral communication with and sincerity towards its customers and still adhere to them.


Our Team

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